Direct telephone number: VAT Registration helpdesk

Recently we were registering a client for VAT. Usually you get the VAT registration number in couple of days.

This time the application did not go through, but HMRC sent a clear and detailed email with the documents required.

We sent those documents but did not hear back for over a week.

I searched for a telephone number and got to the following webpage:

Now they even have a web-chat option and the web chat was very helpful and they gave me a direct number for VAT registration helpline as 0300 523 245.

Good luck !

24th February 2022

Telephone number to check VAT registration application status is 0300 322 7870

`One off` increase in VAT turnover

In case turnover increases as a `one off` and the business does not wish to register for VAT.

We have to write to the HMRC with evidence to convince them that turnover will not go over £83k (current de-registration threshold) in next 12 months.
HMRC Link below (see bottom of the page):

Primary legislation (see Clause 3):