Registering a company as employer with non-UK resident director

Overseas directors and PAYE;
Email address of HMRC Employer helpline

20th January 2019

Today I was registering a company as an employer. Directors are from overseas.

Registration form required their unique tax identifier from their country of origin. When I entered it HMRC system rejected it as it will only take data in format of UK National Insurance number.

This seemed strange as other countries have other formats of tax identifier numbers and do not follow UK national insurance format of AB123456C.

I have put a dummy number AB123456C. There is no place to provide any extra information to HMRC on this PAYE registration form.

Fingers crossed, lets see what happens. I will post the results.

PS – I thank accountingweb website, I got this idea of putting a dummy NI number from there.

30th January 2019

I received an email from HMRC informing NI number provided is not valid. Replied to their informing them about the system issue , detailed above. Lets see…

1st February 2019

We succeeded ! 

Email received from HMRC employer team that application has been processed and reference numbers in post.

Thank you to HMRC once again for accepting common sense.

Email of Employer helpline :

2nd March 2022

Process changed, now we need to write to HMRC if director does not have a UK National Insurance number.

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