Restaurant Industry – Human Resources Files

Restaurant Industry – How to do Right to Work Checks ?

Restaurant industry has one of the highest levels of staff turnover. Restaurant Managers and Chefs are so busy with day to day operations that this area gets lags behind.

Main hurdles we see from managers:

1 – Lots of paperwork to be collected and issued. How to track them.

2 – Lack of knowledge on which paperwork to collect , when to collect and what to check.

We have prepared a quick MANAGER’S CHECKLIST for the recruiting managers to use while on-boarding staff. This is one of the series of documents we have to help the clients fulfill their obligations relating to `Right to work` checks.

One of the useful tool is the European Union Official website PRADO (free resource) helping recruiting managers to check `Right to Work` documents of a prospective employee.

We advise and help clients in being vigilant in this area and avoid illegal working penalties.

See this Map for the restaurants fined in London this year.


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