Restaurants – Full Bookkeeping Package

Comprehensive accounting fee for restaurant

Details of our full bookkeeping package:

1 – Full bookkeeping service

2 – Payroll including tronc

3 – HR file maintenance

4 – Annual Accounts and company tax return.


Detail given below:


  • Sales Flash – to monitor sales of the restaurant.
  • Bank Flash – to monitor movement of funds in the bank account


  • Document collection from the restaurant.
  • Sales ledger reconciliation – card and cash.


  • Management accounts
  • Monitoring Gross profit ratio and Payroll cost.
  • Supplier management – Purchase ledger reconciliations and payment list.
  • Payroll including tronc


  • VAT Returns


  • Submission of Annual Accounts to Companies House; and
  • Company tax return to HMRC


Ongoing tasks

  • HR File maintenance
  • Staff training for better operation management
  • KPI analysis
  • Cash flow management
  • Liaison with HMRC and Banks, if required.
  • Internal control like monitoring Utility bill and Insurance costs.


Why choose us ?

Click here to see our client presentation – NHA – About us







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