10 Ways to save money

  1. Make a monthly budget to spend – put this money in a separate bank account and spend from there, it will automatically make you stop spending once all the money in this account is finished. You can select the option to have a message sent on your mobile by your bank when the balance of your account is critically low.
  2. Buy a cheap phone and go for SIM only phone deal, use Pay as you go for low users.
  3. Don’t buy a car. Cycling and walking are healthier and better for the environment as well.
  4. Over pay your mortgage – on every pay day.
  5. When you need to buy certain things but don’t wish to spend much, you can get free new or used items from Freecycle
  6. Buy from Charity shops – this will help others as well; remember to also donate unwanted items from your home.
  7. Compare bills every time a deal ends. Unfortunately loyalty with utility companies does not pay.
  8. Never use a Credit Card.
  9. Try to lower the number of times you eat out – remember home-made food is safer, healthier and tastier.
  10. Reduce your international holidays as much as possible, especially the highly expensive one.

I use all the ways mentioned above and will recommend them to all.