Tax answers at a Glance – a nice little book

I recently read a nice book  : Tax answers at a Glance written by authors from HM Williams Chartered Accountants.

Given below is few of things which I learnt:

  1. Gordon Brown started the trend of announcing tax rates for future years.
  2. When you buy petrol,  most of the monies goes to the Government c60-80% depending on the petrol prices. The petrol pump owner gets c1% , even the credit card company gets more to process the transaction. I thought the Sheikhs were making all these monies. See RAC website.
  3. Expenses allowed – Stationery :
    Allowed – reference books which are necessary for your job. Cost of stationery used strictly for your job.

Not allowed – Costs of books you feel you need to do your job properly, but which    are not necessary for it i.e. Subscription to journals to keep up with general news.

4. Working time directive cover domestic servants as well.



Link to publishers website