PAYE Tax Code change resulting in employer being out of pocket

My client employs a nanny for his children. This used to be nanny’s second job and we were using `BR` tax code to process her salary.

She left her first job, making this her only job. We advised her to call HMRC to get her tax code changed. HMRC sent us a notification with the changed tax code.

On changing her tax code on the payroll software it resulted in a massive refund for the nanny. This refund employer has to pay from his own pocket.

This client has only one employee and after change of tax code future months PAYE bill would also be zero thus no scope of set off with future months PAYE bill.

I called the employer helpline, they were very helpful and they advised me to apply for a funding via link:

Via this link either employer or agent can apply for funding.

HMRC advised me that if the application was approved, funds would be credited in the nominated account in circa two weeks’ time from date of application.

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