Laws for websites in UK

Recently one of my clients asked me about rules and regulations for a website in the UK.


I thought it was easy just be truthful about what product and services you sell.


But client asked me to check this out for him and to my surprise there are a host of rules and regulations governing e-commerce business.


Being an accountant I am no expert on this matter but main items that i found I thought should share with others:


1- As customers will be buying service via a website, rules in the link below apply:

It gives detailed information about what customers have to be informed before and after an order.

2- Law on Computer Cookies

In simple terms, we must ask consent before installing cookies on their computers.

The link also gives an example and detailed information about this cookie consent.


3- Advertising rules:

These rules give information about telephone and direct marketing.

Main important rules I see among them is telephone marketing and display of price.


4 – Data protection:

Organisation which handle personal data need to register , fee is £35 per year.


I think if a start-ups starts complying with all these rules on day one, it may make the whole project unviable. But every organisation should knows its responsibilities and must have a time bound compliance program as the business grows.

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