How to amend Companies house accounts?

Everybody makes mistakes, so just in case you made one while filing accounts with Companies house information given below will be helpful.


Amended accounts can only be filed in paper format by sending them via post to Companies house.


They should have the word “Amended” on the first page, conspicuously declared.


Please note both original and amended accounts will remain at Companies house i.e. anyone like a supplier, lender or HMRC will have access to both set of accounts.


Sometimes you may wish to amend only a part of the accounts, for example in case you missed to add a note to accounts or incorrect information was mentioned in a note. In that case you can only send a note stating clearly what has changed along with a copy of the original accounts. This is a better idea than sending a full set of amended accounts as it will save effort on the part of the future reader to compare the two accounts to find the amendment.


Where to send the documents?


Companies registered in England and Wales have to send their accounts to Cardiff.


Companies House

Crown Way

Cardiff CF14 3UZ


Lastly, Companies house can also send an acknowledgement of receipt of documents, if you enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope and a copy of covering letter.

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